Having a smooth and free-flowing relationship with the Public Administration, the Non-Profit Sector and other stakeholders is a top priority for any organization. We have specialist knowledge and experience in helping public and private entities build, strengthen and enhance their institutional relations,, an especially important task in the current fast-changing political environment where new players and political actors are emerging in Spain.

Our services include the following:

  • Institutional relationships within the local, autonomic, national, and international sphere.
  • Creation of coalitions.
  • Management of relationships with group of interests (stakeholders).
  • Drafting of audience mappings.
  • Design and execution of contact plans.
  • Design and execution of mobilisation campaigns (grassroots).
  • Organisation of events.
  • Drafting of audits concerning social and political perception.
  • Management of associations and platforms.
  • Support with project investment opportunities at an international level.
  • Identification of private and public cooperation initiatives (PPP).
  • Arranging of institutional visits to the United States, the European Union, and Latin America.